Feel The Beauty Of Nature And The Historical Importance By Visiting Delphi And Meteora


Delphi and Meteora are places situated in Greece and is not very far away from Athens. Delphi is famous for being the residence of the world-famous oracle of Delphi. This was a very well-known oracle in the ancient Greece and people from all over would come to this oracle to gain the prophecies of the Greek God Apollo and the prophecies were given by Apollo by the words if Pythia, who was the top-most priestess of the temple. Delphi is also known to be the naval of the earth and is the central point of it. Delphi has been a very attractive place for the tourists since a very long time and is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Greece.

Similarly, Meteora is a wonderful place to visit in Greece. It contains the most beautiful and jaw dropping landscapes of the country and it also has the second largest and the most popular collection of monasteries. The meaning of Meteora is ‘Suspended in the air’, which describes the main functions of this place perfectly, as all the monasteries are situated on natural stone pillars and look like they are suspended in air.

Now, let’s have a look at the places that is worth visiting while you are out to Delphi and Meteora Tour.


·       Delphi Archaeological Museum

This museum in Delphi is a very attractive and interesting place to visit for the tourists, it is a great place for the people who are interested in art and culture. The tourist completely love the bronze Charioteer which is a beautiful work of art.

·       Temple of Apollo

This temple of a Greek God Apollo, situated in Delphi, is also a must to visit for the tourists. This temple is known as the religious centre of the ancient world. It consists of the treasures of the Siphnians and the Athenians, it also consists of a theatre inside of it.


·       Meteoron Monastery

This monastery is the largest and the most visited when compared to the other monasteries. This was found by Athanasios the Meteorite in the year of 1356. It consists of an amazing setting and also has beautiful views across the landscape. It is a very amazing place to visit for the tourists in Meteora.


·       Monastery of Rousanou

This monastery situated in Meteora is situated upon a pinnacle of rock. It is dedicated and honoured to Saint Barbara, it was constructed in the year 1288 and was renovated into a monastery in 1545. It will be completely loved by the people who love simplicity, nature and peace.