How about something unique? See Greece through different eyes - from cruises to bungee jumping to glorious food - with one of our specialised day tours! Whether you are looking to get the heart racing, spend time in nature, discover new flavours, or learn how to achieve them, these options provide the opportunity to experience something truly different during your time in Greece.

Zulu Bungy
Corinth  Canal

Visit the Corinth Canal and bungee jump!
One of the most exciting Bungy in the world!!!

     Corinth Canal         Cruise

After you see the canal
from above,
you will be able to go on a cruise through the canal.

Sea Turtle

Have a ARCHELON's SEA TURTLE Rescue Tour
and help save a turtle. For groups of 1 - 8 people (children under 4 years free).

          A one Day         Cruise

One Day Cruise from Athens to 3 Islands of the Soranic Gulf

             Have a Cooking     Tour

Learn about Greek cooking and different Greek recipe's

           Have a Food            Tour

Greek food is about the flavor, the tastes and the smells of it